We do enjoy to engage in academic and public debates contributing to a cultural production as well as anticipating possible future worlds.




Sven founded his private architectural research and design studio VAK architecten BVBA in 2006. He researches complex architectural assignments such as the quest for alternative prison typologies, new healthcare facilities, innovative event space typologies, and future architectural settings and settlements in deltaic areas — flood risk environments due to climate changes.

VAK expanded its portfolio with academic research, contract research, and the realisation of offices, housing projects, utilitarian and public buildings.


Sven’s career began at Neutelings Riedijk architects, for whom he collaborated on a number of large scale projects. These projects typically had the ambition to innovate the building typology, its use, and its urban context. As a project architect he helped realising the Shipping and Transport College in Rotterdam and the Museum At the Stream in Antwerp. He also lead international and multidisciplinary design teams for unique projects such as, for example, the opera and concert hall (including a five star hotel), Kollizej, planned in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

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Our preferred partner is Bart Hollanders and his office Eagles of Architecture because we share the idea of 'close readings': by studying and redrawing inspirational work of former generations we obtain a most critical contemporary practice.